Many years ago, when my grandmother turned 80 she got a computer and asked if I would teach her how to use it. She didn’t need to learn it. She had gotten along well in life without it. She bravely opened herself to learn from me (a child of her child) and we both gained.

We started at the beginning. At the “What do you mean you don’t know that?!” stage.

  • How to use the mouse.
  • Click verses right click.
  • She learned how to open, read and send an email.
  • How to surf the internet and research things she was interested in.

I hesitate to learn a new thing because I don’t want to look dumb. I don’t want to admit that I don’t know how to do a thing. In the beginning, learning is hard and clumsy. I am going to assume that in this, you are just like me, and I want to offer you some encouragement as you learn the intricacies of the technology you deal with every day.

My grandma died a few years ago at 92, she has been and always will be my muse and inspiration. She was always learning, and doing, and truly living.

Learning new things is hard. Let’s just sit with that a moment.

Learning new things is hard

It is hard, but to stay engaged with life, we must learn new things.
How to learn a new thing, in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1 – Know that you can
  • Step 2 – Start with what you do know
  • Step 3 – Spiral Upward

Know That You Can

This is the most important part. When I know that I can learn something, or do something, then it really doesn’t matter how long it takes.

And yes we really can learn to deal with technology better. We can learn anything if we choose to and are willing to put in the work.

  • Learn to take care of ourselves
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Learn math or navigation

We can IF we choose to. It is all in our choice and determination.

Start With What You Already Know

When working on a jigsaw puzzle, we start with the edges. We start with what we know.

We do not live in isolation. There are very few things we truly have NO exposure to. I often tease about my lack of sports and music knowledge, but I do know they exist and I can educate myself further. So start with what you know.

Re-familiarize yourself with simple math before you get to algebra. You may even realize that you know more than you thought you did.

Turn on your computer and remember that you know how to turn it on, open your email. Check the Facebook, research new topics on Google. Now go try something related, but one step deeper, then the next deeper step.

Spiral Upward

You WILL fail, you WILL feel clumsy and stupid.
This is OK, in fact it is required!

Every failure is a lesson learned and every success is a list of failures.

As we learn, each step takes us higher toward our goal and even if it always feels like we are starting over we must remember where we have actually come from. We used to crawl, now we walk, now we run. We may get hit and have to learn to crawl, walk, and run, again, and again, and again, but each time, if we are willing, we can learn new beautiful and magical things.


Nicole Lux-Ritchie


It all began when my grandmother asked me to help her learn how to use the computer. She was 80 at the time and it is because of her (In a variety of ways) that I am doing what I can to help anyone, no matter their technological skill, get control of their technology situation. She encouraged me to share my ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple steps and normal language.

My mission now is to help professionals gain the technical skills they need to grow their business and focus on their vision. Luxcentric is dedicated to training, using practical strategies, in the area of the core technologies. Email - Files - Calendars - Contacts

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