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Believing God Is In Control

Believing God is in control is helpful because “by God,” at least someone is in control. When we lack self-control. When our circumstances are beyond our control. When the world seems out of control, then at least, we can believe that God is in control. Songs and poems have been written, which bring solace to many.

Believing God is in control is easy when life goes our way. When positive things happen, we feel like God orchestrated the event just for us.

However, the question is often turned around when we are suffering. We ask, “Really, God? Are you in control? How could you allow this to happen? Who are you?” In our suffering, we might blame God. We begin to feel separate from God. As a result, we feel even more weakened by our circumstances. We feel even more sad, desperate, and lonely. To think God has forsaken us is not fair to God or us.

Believing God Is Not In Control

We wonder if God is in control when we experience great suffering. We all know what great suffering is. We have experienced suffering. Great suffering has occurred in our family or with our friends. We read about suffering. We see suffering in the world. It is hard to believe God is in control. We can become angry with God for time or a lifetime.

‘God is in control’ does not make sense to the couple who lost their baby to SIDs. ‘God is in control’ does not make sense to those locked in circumstances of manipulation and violence. ‘God is in control’ does not make sense to the families, communities, and countries ravished by pandemics.

When ‘God is in control’ does not make sense, who do we blame but God? We blame God and live with anger, regret, confusion, sadness, loneliness, and struggle. And then, because of the Story we tell ourselves, we lose emotional connection to God. We lose emotional connection to the very source of help in time of need.

God is within the very cells of our body. God is within our very nature. We are connected to God by our Eternal Soul, always and forever. And yet, the Story we tell ourselves is we are forsaken, so we do not feel connected to God. We feel separate from God. However, God is never separate from us. God is with us all, always and forever.

Who Is In Control?

Am I in control? Self-control is often the most challenging part of being human. I break many of the rules I make for myself. I have self-control, sometimes. I feel stronger when I have self-control. Positive emotional energy is added to my life. I feel weakened when I do not practice self-control. I feel emotional withdrawal.

The times we have self-control, we feel strong. When self-control is beyond our grasp, we feel weakened. When we think we cannot control our circumstances, it might help us to believe God does. If we believe that God is in control and we are not in control of ourselves or our circumstances, we feel lost in our momentary experiences.

Who Is To Blame?

Saying ‘God is in control’ can point the finger of blame at God for what is being created by our choices or the choices of others. The greed of others could cause hunger in the world. Storms could be caused by climate change. Violence could be caused by the Story we tell ourselves about others and by being unwilling to look at how we feel about ourselves.

To be honest, I don’t live my life as well as I want to. I don’t love myself or my family, or my community as much as I want to. However, I take responsibility for the future I’m creating. I am sure God will use who I am and what I do for my Highest Good, and that is enough for me to be happy with myself, happy with my ability to love my family, and my community, and the world.

We Don’t Need to Defend God

Religion teaches us to defend religion and, as a consequence, to defend God. God is more than all of our thoughts. When we try to defend God, we live feeling offended. Feeling offended creates walls and separates us. Feeling separated from others and feeling the weight of defending God creates an incongruent worldview, an untrue Story.

Raising the question, ‘Is God in control?’ may challenge your thinking. The risk I am taking in putting these words in print is in your defense of God; you might mistrust me and dismiss me. If you do, I will no longer be your teacher. We might no longer be friends, which is sad for both of us.

My intention in raising this question is to cry with those for whom the statement, ‘God is in control’ left them weeping and feeling forsaken.

When faith is outside of ourselves, we have a harder time recognizing faith is within us. We blame Satan and trust God as though both forces are outside ourselves. We are stuck somewhere in the middle depending on the day, the situation, our feelings, our failures, and successes. Believing someone outside of ourselves is in control might make us feel like a puppet and someone else is controlling the strings.

God joins us in how we feel in every present moment. God cries with and for the suffering. We can find freedom from suffering by changing the Story we tell ourselves. We can find freedom from suffering when we understand God is with us at a cellular level. Sometimes freedom from suffering is just the strength to endure with moments of peace and love to sustain us.

Is God In Control?
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In Who Can We Believe?

We can believe in Love. We can believe in ourselves. And we can believe God is with us. It is that simple! We can also believe in the goodness of others. Understandably, it is hard to trust others when they have hurt us, individually and as a human family. We can trust they, just like us, will learn from their mistakes and that God has the power to turn even horrendous circumstances into the Highest Good for all.

What Is Self-Sovereignty?

To be sovereign is to have supreme and independent power or authority. The concept of self-sovereignty used to scare me. The word brought too much personal responsibility. I used to think that only God was sovereign. 

We Co-Create Our Life

One day I understood since I am created in the Image of God, and God is the Creator, then I am a Creator, too! I co-create my life with God! Co-creating my life with God instantly gave me a sense of self-empowerment and personal responsibility.

We Are All In Control

We are all in control, God and all of us together. When we believe God is Good and God is Love, we can believe in the miracle of everything being transformed to create our Highest Good in every situation. We are evolving toward Love in each lifetime and between lives, and that’s the Whole Point.

What Is The Solution?

The solution to who is in control is knowing that God is with us in every present moment. Period. We have all Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom available to us every second.

During our “I AM” session, a client spoke the following Inner Mantra, “I am strong, and I am stronger than I think I am.” I was so deeply touched by this Truth for two reasons. First, she used “I Am” three times in one mantra, wow! Second, I could discern she connected fully to the Power that is within her. It is this strength that gets us through difficult circumstances.

My Path, Your Path, and Our Paths

One concept I help my clients understand is each person is on their own Path. Each Path contains our past, present, and future beliefs, behaviors, and experiences. Sometimes paths cross, and sometimes people go their own way. Allowing others to be on their own Path helps us see their consequences of their actions.

Is God In Control? You Decide.

If it helps you to believe God is in control, believe it. If believing God is in control causes you to blame God and thus, feel separate from God, then this belief is not helping you. Understanding I co-create my life with God gives me a sense of responsibility to live my life well for the benefit of me, my family, the human family, our animal family, and the planet.

Can God use everything for our Highest Good? Yes, I believe so. We have an Infinite number of possibilities in front of us today. I trust God will make the best use of them all.

In What Can We Believe?

We can believe God is with us. We can believe God empowers us. Just as Infinite as the galaxies, Infinite are our thoughts, choices, and actions. God makes use of everything for our Highest Good.

We have faith in Love. We can trust that Love is for us all, always. Our Soul speaks only of Love For All. We are all One, created out of the same material energy. We rejoice and mourn together, God with us.

God is self-sovereign. I am self-sovereign. You are self-sovereign. We are all sovereign, and our choices matter. Our choices create the future! What future are we creating for ourselves, our communities, and the world?

I am Enough. You are Enough. And so is God.

 Dani Green

Dani Green

Dani Green
The Soul Power Experience Creator
www.danigreen.today | hello@danigreen.today


Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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