Is It Time to Throw Away Athletic Shoes & Bras?

Did you know your workout items – especially shoes and bras – have a shelf life? They can be the most significant (and important) investment after a gym membership or private trainer. You need to replace them regularly. For bras and shoes, that can mean yearly!

Annual Goodbye!

You should be refitted for both running/walking shoes and athletic bras every year. Yes, really! They wear down with each wearing. That means that mere months after buying them, you’re not getting the same support you got week one. So why does that matter if they still feel comfortable? Lack of proper support in your athletic gear can lead to health problems and risk of injury.

  • Athletic Bras: You know that expensive athletic bra you bought last year and worship each time you wear it? Don’t wait until you begin to see actual wear and tear before deciding it needs to be replaced. A good indicator? Does it still feel as snug as it did when you first bought it? Yellowing or fatigue in the underarm area of the bra is another sign it’s time to say goodbye to the bra!
  • Athletic Shoes: Shoes carry you through your day. Athletic shoes bear your weight during exercise. Their quality, as much as their wearing, matter greatly. Once they wear down beyond a certain point, they’re not providing sufficient support. That can lead to orthopedic issues and pain. Your knees, back, ankles, feet, and even hips can be affected by shoes that offer inadequate support. You also risk twisting an ankle or knee. – Depending on how much pounding your running or walking shoes take, you might need to replace them every few months or once a year. How they feel is not an indicator that you need to replace them. By the time they show wear and tear, they are way past their prime!
    • The middle layer of cushion in the sole begins to break down somewhere between 300 to 500 miles. Somewhere in that span of mileage is when you need to replace them, whether they’re walking or running shoes.

Quality Matters:

When it comes to buying athletic shoes, clothes, and bras, quality and care can help with their lifespan. You truly get what you pay for. You really should invest in the best quality you can afford. Also, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying. Typically, they recommend hand washing (or on delicates in the machine) in cold water and line drying. You’ll get more mileage out of your clothes by doing so!


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