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Kelli Wike

Kelli Wike

Nutrition and Health Advocate


Kelli Wike

I am a Nutrition and Health Consultant specializing in Weight Management, Anti-Aging and Nutritional Supplementation.

Twenty-five years ago, armed with a degree in Nutritional Science from Bastyr University and a passion for Nutrition Education, I set out to empower people who wanted to improve their health and overall wellness by teaching the real truth about our food supply. Today, my work continues through workshops and speaking engagements that show people how to rebuild their medicine cabinet with healthy, natural solutions to improve their lives.

Most people know what they need to do, they just need to know how to make living healthy fit their busy lives. My mission is to let people know it is possible – and to encourage changes by making it quick, easy and fun!

Kelli’s Kitchen Conversations

Who Am I by Kelli Wike

Who Am I by Kelli Wike

Kelli Wilke is a nutrition and health consultant who is passionate about educating people about our food sources and how to make your diet quick, easy and fun. Join Our Community of Amazing Women Be the first to know about upcoming events, new shows and stories!

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