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Limiting beliefs and self-doubt are nasty lies that we tell ourselves and that plague us all at times. They are beliefs that can hold us back from accomplishing our life’s dreams and desires. They can zap the happiness and joy out of our lives. They can keep us from discovering our most unique and empowered self. They are lies that we have allowed to become internalized along the way and that has become truths. They are lies that we allowed becoming part of us, like an old ugly blanket that we think keeps us safe and comfortable but just really needs to be tossed out! It is important to have a strategy for kicking them to the curb! Read on to discover my 10-minute a day game-changing strategy for eliminating limiting beliefs and self-doubt from your life for good.

First, let’s get specific about what limiting beliefs and self-doubt look like. Here are just a few of the erroneous things we tell ourselves when we are suffering from limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

“I am not good enough. It is too hard for me. That is for other people, not me. I will fail. I am not smart enough. People don’t like me. I am unlovable. I always make the wrong decision. I won’t be able to figure it out. I will let people down. I won’t be able to finish it. I am not capable. Bad things just happen to me. People will ridicule me.” Feelings of self-doubt make us feel powerless, uninspired, pessimistic, unable to stand up for ourselves, unworthy, have anxiety, feel sad, feel manipulated. Feel frustrated and so much more.

If you struggle with these and other negative thoughts and beliefs it can be difficult to know how to get out of your present mind-set and it can actually become such a normal outlook that you are not aware of the damage it does to your life. I have some specific strategies for overcoming them and kicking them to the curb for good!

First, is a daily exercise that I have my clients do that is a game-changer. It involves spending just 10 minutes a day and it will remarkably change your perspective! You will start by making two specific lists and adding to them every day for a week.

Your first list will be all of your accomplishments. Take just 5 minutes to list as many of your accomplishments that you can think of, big and small. Here is an example of what you might have on your list:

My Accomplishments 

My children. My beautiful home. My career. My friends and loved ones. I am a fabulous cook. I am a great decorator. I am a gifted artist. I am a good gardener. I have worked hard at a healthy lifestyle. My college degrees. My marriage. My weight loss or weight gain. I am great with money. I save and invest. I overcame debt, and on and on…

Your second list will be of all of the things you like about yourself: Here are a few to get you started.

Kicking Self-Doubt To The Curb

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What I like about myself

My sense of humor. My intellect. My hair, My figure. My smile. My loyalty to friends and loved ones. My fierce instinct and my ability to follow it. My patience. My unique personality. My good fashion sense. My discipline. My sweet disposition, and on and on…

So, every day for a week you will take just 5 minutes to add to each of your lists,10 minutes total. This helps you to DIG DEEP into what you have accomplished in your life and what you like about yourself.

As you reflect for a few minutes each day, your self-worth will begin to grow and you will feel a shift in your perspective and start to see more of what makes you amazing and unique!

By the end of the week, you will begin to feel more confident and assertive, and optimistic about your life. You will find yourself motivated and empowered to do the things that are important to you and stand up for yourself more readily. You will find it easier to make decisions. You will find yourself feeling greater self-love and the dreams and desires that you have been keeping on the back burner will start to come to the forefront and seem attainable!

Bonus exercise: Write down five of your accomplishments and five of the things you like about yourself on sticky notes and put them around your house where you will see them every day!

Overcoming self-doubt is just one of the areas I help women to conquer. If you struggle with that or challenges such as negative self-talk, finding your personal power, or overcoming fears, I invite you to reach out to me at visionpowercoaching@gmail.com to learn how to work with me to realize your dreams and desires.

I also invite you to check out my uplifting and inspiring private women’s community on Facebook called The Secrets To Navigating Life’s Challenges.

Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Certified Women's Empowerment Coach
Vision PowerCoaching


Kimberlee Edwards

Kim is a certified Women's Empowerment Coach. She founded Vision PowerCoaching because, while working her corporate job, she discovered that the extra chair in her office cubicle was often filled with someone who needed to talk about their life. She loved listening to them and found that she often had an intuition about how to help them.

She is passionate about guiding women through some of life's toughest challenges, relating to divorce, health and family. She helps them to stop feeling overwhelmed with negativity and create a plan to find their personal power, strength and confidence in painful and difficult situations.

Kim teaches women to feel empowered and to come out on the other side of their challenge with gratitude and clarity!

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