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Growing up in the 70’s, the atmosphere was not one given to fully developing who God
designed me to be. My police officer father could be overbearing and there were many times I
was silenced by his boom, or often excessively lengthy lectures. Community relations were in a
state of unrest, and adult conversation was often tense, even angry. Sometimes scary. Much of
my childhood motivation was dictated by my desire to become very small, while simultaneously
longing for my heart to be seen. I changed schools often, was shy and insecure; character traits
which followed me well into young adulthood. As a mother, I have often reflected on the journey
that has brought me from that hesitant child to the outspoken woman I am now, and have
wondered if I would have reacted to the world differently had I been given the opportunity to see
things through eyes of faith.

In today’s current climate of unrest, I have become super intentional in how I discuss certain
topics with my kids, or around them when speaking with other adults. I am painfully aware of
how easily my own concerns or opinions can inadvertently cultivate fear and bitterness, or even
taint my children’s opinions of others, politics, the world… of God… Our children are always
listening, and even when they are older, perhaps with children of their own, our decision to filter
and process life through the lens of faith above that of fear, continues to carry weight in their

Lens of Faith
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Regardless of our age, position or status, women have the capacity to create, sustain and
promote, or to tear down, the people and atmosphere around them. So the question is, how do
we effectively foster a climate of faith in our homes, churches, workplace and communities? For
me, the most powerful tools I have access to are my mind and mouth. Given their weaknesses, I
find meditation on, and repetition of God’s Word in my daily life to be the key to discovering, and
maintaining, center; for myself and my people.

Here are some resources I personally use and love:

Bible Gateway – online or the app. Great for a daily word and researching specific topics.
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. A word for every day of the year at your fingertips.
Evoke Daily Devotional. Five 5-day devotionals with corresponding video on IGTV.
● Any of the brilliant topical prayer books by Stormie O’Martian.

My prayer today is that you would find your hope in God’s promises, in His unwavering truth and
goodness, and walk so fully in that freedom, that you would inspire those around you to do the
same. There is no darkness that God’s light cannot pierce through. In a world so clouded by
fear, may you choose to see it through the light of His hope. Shalom.

Heather Eder

Heather Eder

Coach I Editor I Author I Founder Evoke Ministries


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou


Heather Eder

I am a Mom. Wife. Coach. Author. Editor. Lover of Jesus and all things lovely. I am a Washington native and love the beauty and grit of the PNW. Professionally, I have worked in myriad setting over the years, but spent the majority of the past 22 years raising my precious babies. With two now out of the house and two still at home, time is more precious than ever, and I find myself more and more passionate about helping others pursue purposeful living. 

To me, the greatest joy in life is to evoke and nurture the greatness in one another. Walking with my clients and readers in discovering their purpose and unique gifts, guiding them in making the decision to live with intentionality in relationships, workplace, and in parenting; these are the things that make life so very rich.

My husband Chris, and I have been married for 18 years, and together have 6 children. In my personal time, I love serving on the worship, prayer and ministry teams at my church, books, coffee, the beach, a glass of wine and of course, rich conversations with good friends. 

 I look so very forward to walking this journey with you all!

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