My Favorite Biz Books from 2020

This year I have read some GREAT business books! I am an avid reader and I love to learn from all of the brilliance these authors have imparted. As you look into 2021 I would highly recommend any of these five books!

Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

 It is not an exaggeration to say this book changed my life. I read this book in two days while on a mini get away with my husband. As a busy mom and business owner who thought she had to do everything herself and her way for it to be correct, this book was just what I needed. It truly has taught me to delegate and let go. This book was a game changer.


Atomic Habits-James Clear

 I started my year with this book and although the year did not turn out like I had pictured the lessons of this book were still quite helpful. While this book has content that could apply to any goal you set, I found it especially helpful in my business. If you struggle to be consistent with your habits and it is sabotaging your long term goals this is a great book.

My Favorite Biz Books from 2020
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Reset Your Mindset-Natalie Eckdahl

This book is all about mindset issues that can be holding you back in your business. Whether it is a limiting belief around money or imposter syndrome, Natalie helps identify these blocks and teaches how to work through them to achieve greater success in your business. She is also my business coach and a brilliant podcaster. So, I may be biased as a lot of my success I attribute to her guidance.


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Profit First, another game changer book. I read this book every year and it is one of my favorites. Entrepreneurs tend to pay themselves last and often not at all. This book teaches an amazing way to handle money in your business so that you can be paid first!


Buying Signals by Nikki Rausch

Nikki Rausch is another brilliant coach that I have had the pleasure of learning from over the years. She teaches about selling in a way that really resonated with me as an introvert. This book is a great resource for learning to recognize buying signals in your conversations with potential clients. I was shocked at how many I was missing.

What books did you read in 2020? Any that you would recommend? I would love to add more to my reading list.

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