Hello Fave ladies.

Oh, the power of clothing!

What you wear matters and it’s about so.much.more. than simply looking good.

Did you know there is such a thing as the science of style and clothing?

Yep, it’s true. Look it up, it’s called enclothed cognition.

The key concept here is that there is a power in clothing and what we wear psychologically influences 1. Those with whom you interact and 2. You, the wearer

It has to do with the symbolism you attach to a particular garment, and how you feel when wearing it. How you perceive that item will absolutely impact your psychology, thus powerfully influence the choices you make cognitively and behaviorally.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Take for instance, how you feel when you put on your “WOW FACTOR” red dress and favorite fancy shoes! You likely feel like you can take on the world…you feel empowered and in charge, put together, and dare I say? A bit sexy to boot!

I bet you even feel a bit more confident and perhaps ready to take more risks than you would if you were simply wearing a tee shirt and a pair of weekend jeans.

Well…the science of style goes well beyond that even!

Did you know that research shows that when you dress more formally in a business setting, your abstract thinking actually increase by a couple of points.

Knowing this, you would likely benefit from dressing more professionally if you are negotiating a contract or working on a complex project that requires you to think outside of the box.

Research also says that when you look good, you perform better.

Take a listen to the video above with these principles in mind. Next consider your wardrobe choices and assess how what you’re wearing might be influencing your choices, thinking, and productivity levels as you “work from home”.

What might you need to add, change, modify, or create differently to help you bring your best self to your make-shift office?

…Remember, YOU are your brand and your wardrobe and appearance comprise your brand packaging. Just because you CAN wear whatever you want, doesn’t mean it’s actually serving you at optimal levels.

During this COVID-19 chapter, I say we need to pull out every tool in our success tool box to help us navigate this season of life to the best of our abilities. This includes the tools of self-care to healthy mental and physical wellness habits, to effective presentation skills for working online, to your using your wardrobe as a tool for optimal performance, confidence, and productivity.

The science of style helps us do just that.

Championing your confident breakthroughs on the inside and out so you can show up in a clear, focused, and powerful way -attracting more of what you really want in business and in life!Kim XO (Danielle, this should be my sign off signature on the piece for May as well. Thank you, Kim)

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Keynote Speaker I Trainer I Brand Strategist |Coach


Kim Peterson

From homelessness to becoming one of “425 Magazine’s Women to Watch”, Kim Peterson’s mission is to help you reclaim your power by growing deep roots of authentic identity so that you increase your confidence, credibility, and influence while achieving greater levels of success and fulfillment -with greater ease.

Kim is a global speaker, trainer, and coach for individuals, teams, and organizations such as Boeing, Amazon, and Vistage International.

Leaders, emerging leaders, and high achievers just like you tend to work with Kim when they want to develop sustainable self-confidence, effective communication skills, a personal vision of success, and/or an authentic personal brand that acts as their guiding North Star.

Kim’s body of work helps bring clarity to the following:

• Who am I?
• What are my strengths, values, unique brand promise of value, and my WHY?
• How can I maximize my strengths & align them with my aspirations and vision?
• How can I holistically package myself to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
• How can I dress to communicate my value, expertise and trustworthiness?
• How can I speak with greater confidence, clarity, and impact?

Kim founded Uniquely Savvy, INC in 2000 and shares her story of transformation and moving from Fear to Freedom in her co-authored book,
Incredible Life: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours.

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