Hi ladies.

My name is Kim Peterson and this is my first VLOG/article within Fave, what an honor to be in community with you!

While I’m a coach, and not a licensed mental health provider, I wanted to share a game-changing skill and technique I learned for helping me process through spurts of feeling anxious during a time when we are still experiencing change and uncertainty. I’ve passed it along to my clients and thought to share with you too.

…Please extend grace, beautiful grace, to me as I’m divin’ right in from a place of vulnerability and personal experience on the topics of anxiety and depression.

By the time this video comes out, it will likely be about one month since I first created it; however, I believe it offers timeless value for anyone who may be struggling with how to process the roller coaster of emotions while navigating COVID-19 – and beyond.
Here are (4) Steps You Can Take To Embrace A Daily Practice of Gratitude:

  1. Acknowledge your reality
  2. Feel the emotion you are feeling vs. stuffing
  3. Ask yourself, “What do you need – right now?
  4. Find at least (1) thing for which to be grateful

*The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available for everybody, 24/7. 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

Sharing from someone who used to be somewhat debilitated by anxiety and depression, take what makes sense and toss the rest.

Championing your confident breakthroughs on the inside and out, and insisting on H.O.P.E. in these times of change.

Kim XO

Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson

Keynote Speaker I Trainer I Brand Strategist |Coach


Kim Peterson

From homelessness to becoming one of “425 Magazine’s Women to Watch”, Kim Peterson’s mission is to help you reclaim your power by growing deep roots of authentic identity so that you increase your confidence, credibility, and influence while achieving greater levels of success and fulfillment -with greater ease.

Kim is a global speaker, trainer, and coach for individuals, teams, and organizations such as Boeing, Amazon, and Vistage International.

Leaders, emerging leaders, and high achievers just like you tend to work with Kim when they want to develop sustainable self-confidence, effective communication skills, a personal vision of success, and/or an authentic personal brand that acts as their guiding North Star.

Kim’s body of work helps bring clarity to the following:

• Who am I?
• What are my strengths, values, unique brand promise of value, and my WHY?
• How can I maximize my strengths & align them with my aspirations and vision?
• How can I holistically package myself to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
• How can I dress to communicate my value, expertise and trustworthiness?
• How can I speak with greater confidence, clarity, and impact?

Kim founded Uniquely Savvy, INC in 2000 and shares her story of transformation and moving from Fear to Freedom in her co-authored book,
Incredible Life: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours.

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