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I Experienced No Walls

In a hypnotherapy session in which I was the client, I experienced a place of Freedom with No Walls. The first time I had this experience, it was as though I had a hinge on the left side of my skull, and my skull opened. My brain and my mind joined with Infinite Space and Eternity. I felt and experienced ‘freedom with no walls’! I instantly became aware that this is what Universal God Source wants for humankind – that we would Love One Another with no walls.

The second time I had this experience, the same sensation was within my body. The cells of my body were working together so wonderfully like they were all One, and I felt absolutely Beautiful, which is the True Me! The same sense of Infinite Space and Eternity filled my Body! Now I understand this is True for All of Us!

All Walls Are Constructed by Humanity

In our lifetime, we are challenged to overcome many Walls.

Physical Walls are helpful because we have a place to dwell with a roof over our heads, except for those who do not have this luxury. Their walls are made of tents, plywood, and fences.

Our Cultural differences are to be celebrated, except when they create Walls of us and them. Self-expression can be seen as the beautiful colors of a kaleidoscope. Instead, we judge each other.

Political views are to be honored. Everyone is where they are politically because of the perspective of their religious group, cultural experience, and family of origin. Everything is just a story we tell ourselves. We are allowing our Political Walls to destroy America.

Humankind has created Religious Walls. We think we are in God’s favor and are going to heaven, and others are not in God’s favor and are going to hell. God Loves Us All and desires we all Love Each Other. We are here to move closer to the Completion of Love. To Love ourselves and each other and the planet, and in so doing, experiencing the Love of God. We all come from God and will return to God.

We have created borders that define Country Walls. Wars are fought, and people are killed because of these borders. Borders and the value of natural resources are stories we create, generation after generation.

The most troubling is the Racial Walls and Gender-Orientation Walls. We have all seen pictures of racially different children hugging each other. We can see a white egg and a brown egg having the same color of yolk inside. God loves us all the same. Humanity has told a story about the color of our skin and has caused grave injustice and disadvantages. Our gender and choice of a partner also cause unfair Walls. Love is Love is Love.

Spiritual Walls of separation are also stories we tell ourselves. We came from a place of Oneness. We begin every physical life depending on our parents for survival. We grow and strive for independence. In our 30’s we realize interdependence is more doable. Later in life, we fight against dependence again. In death, we return to a place of Oneness. All of this time, we have an Eternal Soul that connects us to Universal God Source, so we have been One all along. We are challenged to allow our Evolving Self to grow into Love For All. Our Oneness can be realized in each present moment, now. We are all on the same Spiritual Journey. Spiritual Walls of separation block our Freedom to Be and to Grow.

No Walls
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Please Pray for David

I will always remember the day our exchange student, Anush from Armenia, told us her younger brother, David, will be conscripted to go into the Army. Her prayer was that David would not be sent to the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There has been a conflict since 1991 – a disagreement over land use, natural resources, religious and ethnic groups. David was sent to this troubled area on July 25, 2019, and is still there now. His two years of service are completed in 10 months. The troops spend equal time in harm’s way at the border and in training at the base, except for David and those like him. David is kept at the war zone more than most because of his intelligence and valiant service. David is peace-loving. He does not want to kill anyone or be killed. Anush and her family and our family pray for him and all the soldiers every day. Will you pray for peace, too?

The Earth Is the Beautiful Earth

Imagine the Earth as a Giant Ball of Beauty. In its original created state (before humankind), no claim of space had been taken. Every territory and border is a story we tell ourselves. Every use of the Earth is a story. A war zone is a space on the Earth with a name that will change into something else, someday. Every border and use of the Earth will change, too. The claims we make upon the Earth show each of us one thing, our hearts.

No Walls

I am crying to have experienced No Walls and to realize the time it might take for all us to be there – to a place of Love and Freedom. We each can do our part to look over the top of all of our walls and tell ourselves a Story that will break them down, brick by brick.

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Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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