Planning Your Big Life Goals

Have you heard if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail?” It’s a cliché, but inside each cliché
is a kernel of truth. When it comes to setting goals in mid-life and making sure you
achieve them and live your best life, you have to plan your BIG life goals! Are you ever
overwhelmed by the options ahead of you? Your goals may be big to you and that’s all
that matters. Don’t compare yourself and your unique goals to others.

How to Plan BIG Life Goals?

What is a life goal?
Before you jump in, let’s discuss what a life goal is, and what it is not. Life goals are
more meaningful to us because they don’t revolve around short-term objectives or
involve daily routines. Life goals are connected to our values. They are a personal
ambition we’ve set for our own well-being or ultimate happiness.

What are your BIG life goals?
Many of us are so overwhelmed by the possibilities ahead of us or by the lack of
knowledge, the fear of beginning or the fear of failure that we don’t set big goals.

Your life goal could be to climb a mountain, knit a blanket, gain that coveted career
opportunity, pursue a dream you’ve never had time to pursue because you were
working or raising a family.

Why do you want to pursue this goal?
Knowing WHY you want to move toward this big life goal will keep you motivated if the
going gets tough. Your “why” is your driving force, your passion.

Planning for your life goal
Here are my top five steps toward achieving your life goal.
1. Write it down. Write down the goal and place it somewhere you will see it every
day – it will keep you motivated.
2. Break it down. If your life goal is large and seems overwhelming, break it into
smaller steps. Set milestones and deadlines. Celebrate each time you achieve
3. Tell a friend. This will keep the energy of the goal alive. Consider asking your
friend to hold you accountable to achieving it. You could do the same for her.
4. Check in. If you have set a goal that will take you some time – six months, a year
– check in and see if the goal is still something you want to achieve. Goals
change as time goes on. Don’t feel you need to stick with your original goal if
circumstances have changed.
5. Keep growing. Women have the tendency to think of others first and put their
needs second. Carve out time to pursue your goal and any other life goals that
come along.

What is one big life goal you want to start working on before the end of 2019? What
steps do you need to take before you can start?

Planning Your Big Life Goals
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

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