Preparing for Holiday House Guests
It is always fun to welcome house guests into your home. You get to share your space with your closest friends and family and it allows for time for reconnect and make new memories. Getting ready for guests can feel overwhelming, but if you follow some simple tips you and your home will be ready to welcome your guests in no time!

Welcome Cocktail
Your guests have been travelling to visit you and will likely arrive a little frazzled, holiday travel is the worst! So, why not have them arrive to a prepared cocktail and plate of snacks! It is welcoming, and sets the tone for a relaxing weekend of good times together with your guests.

Stock the Fridge
Make sure that your fridge and pantry are stocked with food and drink that your guests enjoy. This way they are not having to worry that they need to run to the store and buy food, and it makes them feel all the more welcome. It is also a nice idea to give your guests a tour of the kitchen, so if they are early risers they know where they can find all the breakfast essentials.

Preparing the Room
Clean sheets, extra blankets and fresh towels are the obvious necessities for a guest room. Other things to add to the space for extra comfort for your guests; fan, white noise machine, water pitcher and glasses, lamps, a clear space for luggage, closet and dresser storage and if possible a comfortable chair to sit.

When you look at your guest room think about what you would want to have in a nice hotel room. Also, if your guest room doubles as a home office or craft room make sure it is cleaned up and everything is put away. It is hard to feel at home when you are maneuvering around other people’s belongings.

Light snacks are a nice touch to any guest room, have a tray with sealed snacks and bottled water. That way if you guests are hungry at night they can grab a snack in their room instead of making their way down to the kitchen.

Bathroom Essentials
It is really lovely to have your guest bathroom filled with any essentials they might have forgotten. Toothbrushes, toiletries, and a blow dryer are great to have on hand to enhance your guests’ comfort and eliminate a late-night trip to the store when they realize they forgot a necessity.

Cozy Details & Seasonal Décor
Finally, add some comfort details like bathrobes, slippers, candles and cozy throw blankets. If it is around a specific holiday you can add some décor that reflects the time of year.

Preparing for Holiday House Guests

The main thing to remember when getting ready to welcome house guests is to make them as comfortable as possible. It can be awkward staying at someone’s house, so you want to make them feel as at home as possible. Also, they are visiting you, so planning for lots of time together is going to be the biggest gift you can give your guests.

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