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What Does Empowerment Look Like?

Empowerment looks different for every woman. It can be something that we are seemingly born with and have in abundance in our youth. Some of us were spunky, confident little girls who were on fire with courage, never questioning anything about   ourselves. We never had a thought about not being able to do anything we put our minds to. We took that empowerment with us as young women, jumping into college, careers, and relationships with gusto.

However, some of us were late bloomers. As girls, we were afraid of our own shadow and questioned everything. We watched other girls with awe of their ability to do whatever they desired and to know exactly what they wanted. We questioned our choices and waded slowly into life, questioning our majors, our chosen career, and struggling with relationships.

As young women, whether we had innate confidence or were building it, we had the freedom to put ourselves first, to feed our souls. We could invest in our self-development and spend time doing the things that empowered us, like education, art, writing, dance, fashion, sports, traveling, and a myriad of other pursuits that all helped us become our authentic selves.

Why Do We Disconnect From It?

Whether we were the girl born with power and confidence or the one who had to build it painstakingly over our lifetime, there are times that we find we have lost some of our courage, power, and gusto. Sometimes it’s just from getting older (let’s face it, our culture does nothing to empower the older woman) or relationships that have zapped our self-confidence or toxic work environments that have taken their toll. We get married, get absorbed in our careers, have
children, begin to care for aging parents. We find, without even meaning to, that we have made a lot of things a higher priority than nurturing our true, authentic soul!

It happens for a lot of reasons and it doesn’t happen all at once. After a while, we become disconnected from what used to feed our soul. Gradually letting go of what makes us feel empowered, we find that we no longer have the confidence and power we once had. Over time, life becomes more difficult and complicated because of it. We find we have trouble making decisions, and we become anxious about things that we used to be fearless about. We obsess about what other people might think about us. We find that we are in need of a good empowerment overhaul! Can you relate?

Reconnecting With Your Empowerment

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How Do We Reconnect With Our Power?

How do we get it back? How do we get back the confidence and power and fearlessness? We get it back in very much the same way we found it originally, by spending time and focusing on being our true, authentic self. Nurturing our interests. Being true to ourselves. Standing up for ourselves. Taking the time to nurture our soul. That is where our power lies. It is in being our true, authentic, unique self. That is where our empowerment shines.

The components are unique to every woman and the transformation is different for every woman. We slowly start to reconnect with ourselves. We make deliberate decisions to spend time doing the things again that feed our soul. Sometimes that takes a long time just to remember what used to feed our soul. What we used to love to do that made us feel so alive and powerful, and finally, we start to put ourselves first again and be our happiest, most empowered self. Remember, it is only in taking care of ourselves, that we can best take care of others.

The Myth About Others Stealing Our Power

Empowerment is deep within us, whether we were born with an abundance or it grew in us over our lifetime, but here’s the deal, and this is the most important aspect of empowerment, no one can take it from us unless we let them. I know this is a tough one, but it is the truth, no one can take your power away without your permission. You have to give it to them.

So how do we let people steal our power? Usually, it happens slowly over many years. It may be a small act of disrespect that we let slip once and then over and over until it becomes commonplace and we don’t even see it as disrespect anymore. Or It may come in the form of always agreeing with people, even though we vehemently disagree, just to keep the peace. It seems simple but it comes with a huge price tag, our self-worth! These are just a couple ways that we don’t stay authentic and we give our power away. The transformation back to the confident, fearless, empowered you is what I work to help my clients uncover.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to get back to your true, authentic self, reach out to
me, I have coaching programs Quick Start to Intensive.

Email me. Schedule a discovery call with me where we can talk about what that transformation looks like for you.

Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Certified Women's Empowerment Coach
Vision PowerCoaching


Kimberlee Edwards

Kim is a certified Women's Empowerment Coach. She founded Vision PowerCoaching because, while working her corporate job, she discovered that the extra chair in her office cubicle was often filled with someone who needed to talk about their life. She loved listening to them and found that she often had an intuition about how to help them.

She is passionate about guiding women through some of life's toughest challenges, relating to divorce, health and family. She helps them to stop feeling overwhelmed with negativity and create a plan to find their personal power, strength and confidence in painful and difficult situations.

Kim teaches women to feel empowered and to come out on the other side of their challenge with gratitude and clarity!

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