Shifting Beliefs around Budgeting

When I wrote Financial Joy, I thought budgeting was pretty stupid. I had figured so many things out but budgeting still seemed frustrating and pointless and that it was rooted in scarcity thinking. It’s not, but that was my recent belief about budgeting.

When you close your eyes and think of a budget, does anything come to mind?

Did you cringe or see boring papers? Did you smile with content?

I got super curious a few months ago and I didn’t think the author of Financial Joy should be a negative-nelly around such a common topic. I had to get financially curious.

Now, when I think of budgeting, my mind lights up with highlighted worksheets and visual trackers. My digital mentor, The Budget Mom, has shown me how to combine several methods and to truly enjoy the process. My sales coach says, celebrate small wins, and this budgeting journey has already had several small wins.

We all have some limiting beliefs around something financial, and whenever we notice our frustration, I encourage folks to get curious.

Do you like to budget? Has it always been a necessity or a chore?

My disclaimer is that I’m not a financial planner, I’m a social media manager and I help others increase their sales and visibility online. The thing I love about the Budget Mom is that her social media content has remarkable visuals. Not a single boring spreadsheet! She’s very creative, has built an incredible tribe called the TBM family, and has challenged previous ways of thinking!

Her audience loves the transformation she’s allowed them to create with her explanations and empowering style. Her story of paying off over $87K is impressive and now she’s planning to pay for her first home in cash.

From a social media perspective, check her out on Instagram ( ) or search “Budget Mom” on YouTube if you’re annoyed or frustrated with the idea of budgeting. I’m so thankful for her creative voice on a complex (for my ENFP brain) concept, and her dedication to helping families figure out their finances.

May your mind be open, your sales game strong, and life be full beautiful insights.

Marcelle Allen

Marcelle Allen

Financial Joy Author


Marcelle Allen



Marcelle Allen is the author of Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams and has created several workshops designed to help women understand and enjoy financial matters in business and beyond. She’s a social media manager and data artist and knows that when women are safe and comfortable, amazing insight can emerge with an authentic conversation.


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