Six Easy Tips to Stay on Track With Your Workout!

Sticking to any workout goals is critical to the ultimate success of any workout routine and goals. It can certainly be challenging to stick with exercise. We all know that life tends to get in the way! However, there are a few things you can do to help you create and stick to a routine. Here are six free, easy things to try.

No excuses: Eliminate excuses. Let’s face it. We can ALL find reasons not to work out. We might even convince ourselves they are good ones. But the reasons FOR working out are the best reason. Wake up each day, look at your schedule, and stick to it.

Each day counts: It’s easy just to say: “I’ll skip today and do it tomorrow or the following day.” Nope. Make each day count and track your workout days. Create a log if you have to. You’ll be more likely to hold yourself accountable.

Routines help: Just like you need to make each day count, creating a routine will matter. Decide how many days, how long, and when you’ll be working out. In other words, create a working schedule. Carve out time in your daily and weekly schedule.

Journey vs. goals: Some people do better if they focus on the overall journey rather than ultimate goals. Goals can be helpful, but they can also hinder or overwhelm right when you most need support. If you’re finding yourself intimidated by your goals, you can pull back – even if for a short time. Instead, focus on the process and journey of fitness rather than where you ultimately want to end up.

Check your habits: Part of a good workout routine should inevitably involve eliminating previous bad habits. How are your diet and nutrition? Are you walking instead of riding the elevator? Do an honest self-assessment of your daily habits and eliminate poor habits and choices that could be sabotaging your ultimate workout and health success!

Use technology: There are tons of health and fitness apps available today to help you stay on track. Do some research and find one that works best for your lifestyle and health goals. There are also many online forums where you can find support as well. Consider modern technology your workout buddy.


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