Six Tips for Those Who Hate Cardio

There are those among us who hate cardio. Yes, it’s true. Folks tend to fall into two camps: those who love cardio and incorporate it into their workouts and those who look for ways to avoid all cardio. Here are a few tips for those who hate cardio. We promise that it’s not that tough. Take a deep breath and read on.

To make cardio more palatable, divide it up into shorter periods (10-minutes each is good), but aim for a total of 30 minutes. Ratchet up the intensity of each period to get the best results.

Jump rope:

Harkening back to childhood! A six-minute jump rope routine. Jump for one minute, rest for twenty seconds. Do a total of six minutes of jumping.

Uphill Intervals:

Short bursts known as intervals are your best friend if you don’t like cardio workouts. They’re short and sweet. Be sure to warm up before you begin. For a good challenge, take your intervals uphill, whether outdoors on a hill, on a treadmill, or stairclimber.


Another short and sweet cardio workout is sprinting. Start with a three to five minute warm-up of light jogging. Sprint as fast as you can for a minimum of 50-yards, then do a light jog back to the starting point. Repeat 10 times.


If you have access to a pool, swimming is a great aerobic exercise. Whether you give it the full 30-minutes or break it down into shorter times. Swimming is a fun way to get some cardio in.


Jump on a bike, whether it’s stationary or outdoors. The greater the intensity, the bigger the benefits. But, something is better than nothing. If you want to add some diversity to your workout and have some outdoor fun, grab your bike (and helmet) and go for a spin around your neighborhood.


Studies have shown that exercising outdoors has many benefits, including we’re more likely to stick with it longer. Hit the nature trails near your home (grab a hiking partner) and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Those pesky but beneficial uphill climbs provide the most health benefits!

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