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Listening to Your ‘Still Small Voice’

Listening to what is true for you is to listen to the ‘still small voice’ you hear from within you. And
to listen to the ‘still small voice’ that seems to come from outside of you. We are encouraged to
listen to the ‘still small voice’ of the Holy Spirit. Since the Holy Spirit fills every cell of our body,
we would do well to understand that we can listen to our Soul, which is listening to God.

Our Eternal Soul is our Divine connection to Universal God Source. Our Eternal Soul is the part
of us that is Pure, Holy, and Sinless. We have the Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom of God
within us. It is this part of us that shows us answers to the questions we ask. Our Evolving Soul
is the part of us that is transforming into Love with each lifetime. God speaks to our Soul. Our
Soul speaks to God.

How do we know if the ‘still small voice’ we hear in our head is God or only our thoughts? How
do we know if what we hear is true? I have learned to listen to the Voice of Love. If what I hear
sounds like Love, then I know it’s true. Truth is what I hear in my head that rings true in my
heart. I will share a few stories of when I heard God as a child and just a few weeks ago. If we
were sitting across the table from each other, I am sure you would have stories, too.

A Bowl of Cheese

We received a square glass salad bowl set from Great Granny as a wedding gift. Years later,
we were going to a potluck after church. With three small children to care for and volunteering in
children’s ministries most Sundays, I agreed to bring a bowl of grated cheese. When I took the
square bowl out of the cupboard, in my mind, I heard, “You will never see this bowl again.” I
thought, “That’s silly”! I filled the bowl, covered it with plastic wrap, and brought it to the church
refrigerator. After church, as I entered the fellowship hall, a friend regrettably admitted the bowl
slipped from her hands, broke and was thrown away, cheese and all. I began to sense that I
should pay better attention to the ‘still small voice.’

When I Was Nine Years Old

When I was nine years old, I walked to a neighborhood church for Sunday night prayer meeting.
I’m sure my clothes were dirty, and I was probably hungry. On this Sunday night, they were
invited to sing at a church in the next town. I was invited to go along. I knew most of the songs
because I walked to this neighborhood church as often as I could. I felt loved and included. On
that Sunday evening, I wasn’t just going to church; I was helping to lead others. We sang the
words of Psalm 23, and the last line was, “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the
days, all the days of my life.” I felt the words through my whole body like the words were true
just for me.

Years later, I was going back to North Dakota for a high school reunion. I had a strong sense
that I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the loving people of that little church. I wrote a letter to my
friend, Ed, who still attended there. Ed said he would need to get the approval of the church
board. Eventually, they said, ‘Yes.’ I invited my mom. The day arrived. I made my way to the
front of the sanctuary. I told them I was a staff pastor to children at a church in Washington
state. I sang the line of that sweet song I remembered from my childhood and said ‘thank you’
for loving me and including me.

The pastor’s wife did not know why I was there and what I was going to say. It so happened she
stood up next to make an appeal for a broader initiative to reach neighborhood children, just like
me many years ago. I am glad I followed the call to say ‘thank you’.

Just a few years ago, I was speaking with a friend who can see things that I cannot yet see. I
told her I have a spirit guide named Simply Love. She agreed and said that Simply Love has
been with me for years. I instantly remembered that Sunday evening singing in the church in the
next town, I felt sure that was the exact moment when God sent a spirit friend to watch over me,
all the days of my life.

Soul to Soul: Listening to What is True
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Put Your Hand On His Back

The elders of the church were invited to pray for a man with cancer in his back. Before GPS, of
course, I turned the wrong way looking for the house. I entered the living room late, and there
was only one place to sit next to the man who asked us to pray. I was new on staff, and I would
rather have sat across the room. During the prayer time, I heard a ‘still small voice,’ say, “Put
your hand on his back and pray.” I said ‘no’ because I didn’t feel it would be proper. A second
time I heard, “Put your hand on his back and pray.” Again I said, ‘no.’ A third time I heard, “Put
your hand on his back and pray.” Maybe I just wanted to be sure I heard the Voice correctly. I
finally said, ‘Yes, if You say so.’ My hand hovered over his back from below his shoulder blades
to just below his waist. When I felt released from this task, I withdrew my hand. When the prayer
time was over, the man stood up and said, “Mark the calendar, I’ve been healed.” I’m glad I
listened to the ‘still small voice’ that evening. Later, he told me he felt a warm swirl of the Holy
Spirit through his body during the prayer. In just a couple of weeks, I will see him again when I
have the honor of officiating his daughter’s wedding.

Bring Baked Beans (Recipe Included)

We were invited to an evening fellowship picnic in town. I wanted to support this family ministry
event, so I signed us up to go. I was wondering what I should bring to share. I heard, “Baked
beans.” I thought, ‘I’m sure the coordinator had already thought of baked beans.’ Again I heard,
“Baked beans.” I had just enough time to make my Simple Baked Beans recipe (below). I
carried my baked beans to the table, and the coordinator said, “Thank God, I was praying for
baked beans.” I was glad to be an answer to a prayer!

It’s For You

For 14 years, I drove early to church, wishing the roads were filled with Sunday morning traffic.
I’m sure in many communities, this is true. Now I work from home. Recently, I was in my kitchen
happily, making my 3:00 pm cup of coffee. The scene of the Sunday morning traffic came to
mind, and I heard a faint whisper, “It’s for you.” So someday, when I speak to groups of friends,
new and old, perhaps someone will have to wait at a stop sign or a traffic light because of traffic
to the venue. All I know is I believe the ‘still small voice.’

Soul to Soul Conversations

A new friend is considering hiring me to journey with her. She has been through a lot. I asked
God if I am up to the task, and the ‘still small voice,’ said, “Yes, you will speak Soul to Soul.” Her
Soul has everything she needs to know, and your Soul will guide her. We will talk Soul to Soul.
When I told her I trust her Soul to find what is true for her, she said, “No one has trusted her
Soul before.” I am still waiting for her to be ready. I also trust in her Soul’s timing.

From God’s Soul to Yours

Thanks for taking this Soul to Soul journey with me. The Soul of God is Eternal and Infinite, and
so is your Soul. We can all tell stories like these I have shared. Each of us has our unique Soul
stories – times when God spoke to us and through us. Your ‘still small voice’ is speaking to you.
You can make an eternal difference, too.

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Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!
I Love You!

Dani’s Simple Baked Beans
1/4 cup of dry minced onion Or 1⁄2 cup fresh, diced, cooked onion
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/4 teaspoon of allspice
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon of yellow mustard
1 tablespoon of spicy brown mustard
1 tablespoon of molasses
1/3 cup barbeque sauce
1/3 cup crumbled bacon (optional)
2 16 oz, can Vegetarian Bush Baked Beans
1 16 oz. can of refried beans
1 15 oz Tri-bean or black beans
Combine, heat to blend. Serve hot, room temperature or cold.

 Dani Green

Dani Green

Dani Green
The Soul Power Experience Creator
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Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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