Stay Financially Curious with Interviews

One of the myths of mainstream media is that you have to wait for a TV station or radio station
to call you before you can be interviewed. You can interview friends, clients, and leaders in your
industry any time you want.

Social media is about being social with the media.

Recently, I was invited to Vegas with a client to learn more about their solution and how I can
help them market it. It was fantastic!

I challenge anyone reading this to interview 5 people in the next 25 days. It can be formal or
informal and I want you to get super curious about something in your financial life. It can be
about stocks, real estate investing, sales or whatever you don’t fully get. Get curious.

Video: Teresa Barthol interviews EXP leadership poolside at the MGM Grand #EXPCON19

I’m so proud of Teresa Barthol for interviewing dozens of folks poolside at the MGM grand at the
end of our conference. Check out this short 2 minute interview montage of our highlights. We
interviewed some remarkable leaders and passionate real estate agents. Be inspired by this
video to potentially create your own!

Are you up for the interview challenge? Comment below on who you might interview.

Marcelle Allen

Marcelle Allen

Financial Joy Author


Marcelle Allen



Marcelle Allen is the author of Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams and has created several workshops designed to help women understand and enjoy financial matters in business and beyond. She’s a social media manager and data artist and knows that when women are safe and comfortable, amazing insight can emerge with an authentic conversation.


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