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Imagine if you were at a diamond mine or the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas and
you found a large diamond. Would you put it in your sock drawer and forget about it or would
you value and treasure it? I hope your answer is to treasure it and, if it is, why do you not do the
same with yourself? Too many of us value so many things other than ourselves when we are
truly an original work of art.

I believe that, when we are born, we are like that funky, misshaped diamond, uncut and raw.
While people like to say that newborn babies are beautiful, in reality, very few babies are
incredibly beautiful at birth. I can feel moms getting mad at me right now, but I can’t help the
truth. Regardless, every baby grows into themselves and becomes cute and, eventually, beautiful.
This process is something that cannot happen without time. As we grow, the facets of our lives
make us into the shape we are meant to be. This does not mean we will not have flaws. Every
one of us will have flaws, just like the most beautiful and valued diamonds. Some of a diamond’s
flaws can be seen with the naked eye while others cannot, similar to our flaws. Every flaw in a
diamond is a part of it and is one of the things that makes it unique. Similarly, our flaws are part
of what makes us who we are and should be cherished and respected. Flaws and all, we must
love ourselves; just as we expect our spouses, family members, and loved ones to do. Love starts
with us.

Ask yourself, if you were a diamond, beautiful and precious, yet full of flaws, would you
throw it away or accept it, flaws and all? Your answer to this is especially important. While
others may not see your value, that all the flaws you have are just cuts in the grand shape of a
beautiful diamond, your true worth, that’s okay. Perception is key in life. As long as you see
your true worth, that you are the Aladdin to your story, “the diamond in the rough,” then what
other people choose to see doesn’t matter.

What really matters is what you choose to see. The problem that a lot of people have is that
they focus on their flaws and refuse to see their true worth. I don’t blame anyone who thinks like
this, because in times when life cuts us, when we are going through hard times that lead to self-
loathing, it is easier to see the flaws and forget the amazing things about ourselves. Our low
points in life make it hard for us to appreciate the good in life and, most importantly, the good in
ourselves. But, it is empirical that we see our worth and our beauty.

The Diamond Process
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You may not realize this, but every single trial in your life happens for a reason. Every cut in
your life has a reason for being there. What is really important to understand is how amazing you
are when you’re going through them. You know, for years I wondered why I was going through
all the things I was going through. I remember not understanding why I was experiencing some
really horrible things and trying to figure it out. I have always tried to figure things out.

I have to tell you, in life, and even in my line of work as a financial advisor and wealth
manager, I help people through horrible circumstances, some that I’ve even gone through myself.
Who knew at the time when I was going through those things that someday I would be in the
capacity that I would use the lessons I learned to help others? I want you to remember this when
you are going through your faceting. You can’t see the reasons yet. You can’t see your diamond
being shaped. You can’t understand the reasons for everything, especially when you’re in the
midst of being cut.

You must have faith in the grand scheme of things. You have to know that if you choose to
relive the hardships that you have gone through and refuse to move on from them, all you do is
continue to cut your diamond in the same place. Here is a visualization for you. Have you ever
tried cutting a piece of paper into a shape and to make a straight line you keep cutting more and
more paper off until you have to get a new piece of paper or cut a completely different shape?
The same thing happens when faceting a diamond…one little mistake and new decisions need to
be made on what size and shape can be made without losing too much of the stone.

You must make a conscious effort not to let past hardships define you, not to let your mind be
consumed by them. The purpose of hardship is for us to learn from it and, hopefully, help other
people get through their own. Some cuts take longer to heal, there is no doubt about that. But, at
some point, you have to move past the experience and leave it in your past, then you can later
realize the purpose of the cuts as you look back on the story of your life. The beauty that the cuts
create makes a diamond worth much more.

You are rarer and worth more than any diamond; there is no person out there just like you, not
a soul that could replace you. The key is to embrace this because life is too dark if we don’t
realize the light within us.

Tiffany Gough

Tiffany Gough

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Tiffany Gough

Tiffany L. Gough has been in the financial services industry since 1990. Over the years, she has helped many through some difficult times while working on their financial goals. She is a financial advisor with an office in Seattle. In her debut book, "You are perfectly flawed and rarer than any diamond!", she shares some of the tools that helped her with her challenges as well as others. She grew up in Seattle. She is married and has two grown bonus sons (aka stepsons) who reside in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


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