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Sitting Across The Table

If we were sitting across the table, my goal would be that you would feel heard and cared for. I would strive to understand who you are with no judgment. I would want to find a middle ground of understanding and love. 

Dualistic Thinking Is Easy

Dualistic thinking sees two opposing sides to almost any issue or concept. One example is seeing people or events, or objects as good or evil. If we take one side and disagree with the other side, we assume we are right and they are wrong. However, the other side feels the same way about us. If we debate, persuade and compete, we dial down and become even more set in our thinking. The middle ground of understanding is a Higher Road.

Meeting In The Middle

Meeting in the middle on any issue requires finding a deeper or higher truth. Opinions are perspectives that are ingrained by past generations, life experiences, our people group, and each person’s current knowledge. We believe the stories we’ve been told. Changing our perspective can be as simple as considering another point of view. If we take the time to learn about each other, find common ground, there is more room for understanding and cooperation.

The United States of America is very divided now. Who we are as a nation is being revealed by life circumstances and our re-actions. Our thoughts and hearts are continually being revealed as we navigate life, day by day and moment by moment for eternity past, present, and future.

The Middle Ground of Understanding

Dualistic Thinking to Universal Thinking

I spent much of my life thinking dualistically because I didn’t know better. When I went to India in January 2015, my beliefs and thinking became more universally true. I strive not to allow my beliefs or thinking to divide me from others. Everything is ‘us.’

Between the Past and the Future

Some would say it is best to leave our past in the past. However, if our past is keeps coming to the surface of our present moment thoughts and emotions, our past is present. The solution is to release the emotions and understand and rewrite our thoughts. Even though the events in our life happened, we continue to interpret the event. A miracle happens when we change our story.

Using active meditation strategies, I see this happen in every client session! Sally experienced a traumatic event in her childhood that haunted her. Then she saw that this one event empowered her to become self-sufficient and financially successful! Ruth is searching for purpose. She is deeply impacted to see in herself, “I am an Expression of Love.” Megan is determined to reach her goals. She began to understand that meeting daily goals will get her to where she wants to be professionally. Laura’s life stopped when her brother died. She is beginning anew as she sees her brother is okay and feels his love and companionship.

The Middle Ground of Understanding
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Between Sin and Good Deeds

The concept of sin plagues all religions, and on the other hand, good deeds seldom feel good enough. I now see that I am doing my best every day, even on my worst days. The miracle we can believe and see is Universal God Source takes everything and, out of it, creates our Highest Good.

Between the Earth’s Destruction and the Earth’s Conservation

Some believe it is our destiny that the Earth is headed toward destruction. Others can see that we have a choice to impact the Earth positively. If we held care of the Earth as highly as her care for us, we would each do our part and save the planet from future demise.

Between Blame and Ownership

I used to blame myself and everyone for everything! Taking 100% responsibility for my thoughts, re-actions, and actions has saved me from a life of misery! I own my life, celebrate my accomplishments, and continue to work toward areas needing improvement! I accept myself even more deeply. Everything serves the evolution of Love for me, others, and the planet and, in so doing, experiencing and expressing the Love of God.

Between the Written Word and Our Current Culture

The Written Word records a slice of history. As human beings continue to evolve, sometimes the Written Word keeps us stuck in a past level of maturity. I see present moment human experience and expression as a step forward. We all live and move and have our being in Universal God Source, always.

The question of evil is always in the back of our minds. Evil occurs when Love is blocked from a person’s self-view. As soon as we get tired of living in our humanity, our hearts will break open, and we will see Love.

Can What I Believe Be True For Everyone?

One Truth exists, which is the middle ground for everyone. The One Truth is Love. Everything and Everyone Belongs.

Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!
I Love You!

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Dani Green

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