Setting Goals For 2020

There’s a misnomer that being alone means you’re lonely. So often, that’s not the case.
Many people really enjoy solitude and quiet. There are times when everyone feels alone
in this big world. When that happens, there are lots of things you can do to alleviate
those feelings.

Make Plans

When you feel alone, make plans with someone! Whether it’s a new friend from church,
your adult kids, your neighbor down the street—who it is matters not as much as that
you’re planning to do something with someone. Making plans for future engagements
gives you something to look forward to, and helps you remember you’re not really alone
in the world.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

When we’re alone, it’s really easy to feel lonely. It’s also easy to feel sorry for ourselves
that we’re alone. Instead of letting those negative thoughts take us, kick them out and
instead replace them with positive ones that remind you of how lucky you are. Go to
your local department store and just walk around and smile at people as you walk.
Sounds silly, but nothing gets you away from feeling alone like being around other
people who appreciate your smiles and positivity and return it to you.

Join A Hobby Group

Now is an incredible time to join a hobby group and meet other like-minded people. In
this day and age, you can find a group of people who meet around just about any
lifestyle or hobby. Always loved beautiful pictures and art? Join a photography club or
sign up for your local wine & design class to learn how to paint.

You could also consider joining groups where there are more people of your age so you
have a network of people you can contact when you’re feeling lonely. Whether it’s an
exercise class at your local YMCA or volunteering with your local soup kitchen, meeting
and gathering with people who have similar likes and lifestyles will remind you you’re
not alone at all!

Do Something For Yourself

Sometimes, when you feel alone, you may not be taking the best care of yourself.
Consider getting a massage or a facial to make you feel better about yourself. Look at
your wardrobe and see if there’s something you could donate so that you can go find
something to freshen your current style up with a bit. Taking care of yourself takes the
focus off of being alone and puts that alone time to great use!


When you feel alone, get out into this big world and explore! Go somewhere new. You
might be surprised at whom you run into! Even if you have lived in the same city for
years, look at your location as a tourist and get out and see what your city has to offer.

Consider A Pet

If you don’t have a pet, consider getting one. Pets can help keep us healthier and living
longer. There’s nothing cuter than a puppy or kitten snuggling up on your lap for a nice
nap, is there? Walking dogs also gets you outside where other people may be, and you
can join a whole new network of pet parents!

It’s inevitable that sometimes we may feel alone, but when you do, there are lots of
things you can do to curb that feeling. Whether you meet new people or just get out and
about, take a chance on doing something for yourself and feel alone no more!

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Setting Goals For 2020
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

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