Three Jobs to Outsource in Your Business

Once you have made the decision to outsource in your business the next step is to decide what tasks you take off your plate. I recommend that you start by jotting down all the tasks you have in your business. Take a close look at where you are spending your time and what are the things that you do not NEED to be doing. Not only should you think about outsourcing the jobs that are easy but could be done by someone else, also think about the tasks that are challenging and take a lot more time than they should. There are three areas I recommend looking at first when outsourcing are marketing, sales and bookkeeping.

Jobs To Outsource

Every small step which you take for your business counts! At the same time, it is also worth noting that as the CEO of a company you have baggage full of responsibilities on your shoulder. Hence, it could be a difficult deal for you to stay equally attentive towards all the jobs.  In such a situation, you can ponder about a few of your jobs to outsource. Not only it would decrease your workload, but would also help you to focus on your business’ core. Besides this, you may expect better results when you will offer a professional a few of your tasks to outsource. There are three areas I recommend looking at first when outsourcing are marketing, sales, and bookkeeping.

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Unless you are a marketing expert I always recommend you for this task to outsource. Marketing is what gets eyes on your business and ultimately fills your sales funnel. It is one of the most important roles in your business but is often put on the back burner. Marketing has so many different areas that you could start by outsourcing a small piece like social media, content writing or graphic design. Determine where you are struggling in your marketing strategy and find people who can take on your marketing activities.


As the CEO of a small business you are probably also in the sales director position. When your business is growing you will have more leads than you can follow-up with and that is a great time to add another person to a sales role. If you love sales and have a talent for closing new clients, you might still be in a sales role with your new salesperson. If you hate sales or feel that someone else could be closing more clients then it is a good idea to find someone who excels in this important area.

Web Design

Your website is a part of your marketing, but it is so important that it deserves its own section. There are many free or cheap options to build a website available, but usually those are not good long-term options. Having a professionally designed website is essential to a business. Whether you have a site built for you and then maintain it yourself, or you outsource the whole thing it is an area of your business that will need a lot of attention and should be done by someone with a lot of knowledge.

As the CEO of your business it is important to avoid being bogged down by tasks that you can give to someone else. Your job is to be the visionary of your company, outsourcing will allow you to free up bandwidth to do that job.

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3 things to outsource in your business


Danielle LaFleur

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