What Was I Thinking?

Have you ever walked away from a mistake or situation and asked yourself, “What was I thinking?”. I am guessing you have because most of us have asked ourselves that question at one point or another. It turns out, that is the best question we could ask ourselves!

Focused Thoughts

Our focused thoughts are the breeding ground for our success. In any given situation, the only thing we can control is how we think about it. When we focus our thoughts on positivity, thinking about solutions and open ourselves up to challenge limiting beliefs, we’ve walked through a door leading us to better decisions, feelings, and a more desired result.

Our Miracle Mind

Sometimes we get in our own way by confusing our mind. We want success, a loving relationship, fulfillment, a great career, or whatever the dream is; but then a doubt enters our mind and we start believing it. Our mind goes to work to prove that limiting belief by looking for evidence that the negative belief is correct. Our mind is logical and wants to be right.

Stop, Pause and Re-Direct

When we feel doubt arising – STOP, PAUSE, and RE-DIRECT your thoughts. In that very moment, catch yourself and stop the limiting belief, flip it to a better thought to focus on that will produce what you really want. Give your mind all great things to work with, all the amazing possibilities. Continue to re-direct as many times as you can. Let your mind go to work for you. It will search for everything you need to make it happen. It will prove you right that you are successful, happy, resourceful and highly capable.

Guard Your Thoughts

Because our mind is actively working for us, it is imparitive that we guard our thoughts. Imagine your mind as a garden. Would you plant seeds that produce something you would never eat or want to look at? Would you leave your plants unattended and let weeds choke the growth of the plant? Of course not. So, get to planting the right thoughts and weed out those which would thwart your goals or your positive self image.

What You Think About, Comes About

Taking time to meditate and focusing your thoughts on positive possibilities is feeding your mind good things to work with. Pondering on new information or teachings, and thinking of solutions, has a great impact on your mind for getting a better outcome. Pick a topic that you feel would help your personal growth, then go research all you can from experts on the topic. Ponder what you have read and meditate on it. Open your mind to new ideas and inspiration that motivates you. Look for ways to implement what you are learning. Implement one idea with action until it becomes a part of your productive life. Then add another and so forth. You will grow exponentially when you take time to feed your mind with positive thoughts of change and growth.

Go forward in strength knowing you can truly create the life you want, one thought at a time, one decision at a time, and one action at a time, getting the best results for your empowered life.

Rae Ann Hall

Rae Ann Hall


Rae Ann Hall


Rae Ann Hall is the founder of Forward Principles. She is an author, speaker, and a mindset/results coach. Having had success in the business world as well as overcoming major adversities in her personal life, she brings an authentic message with a lot of heart and passion. She teaches actionable ways to get past difficulties, getting you results and motivating you to get after your dreams. Her own experiences of bringing her pain into purpose, inspires others to do the same.

Her honor is coaching people and encouraging them by providing practical tools and Forward Principles to get inspired and motivated. She helps people discover ways they can put action toward their goals through her "Result Cycle" Process. It is a thrill for her to see her clients push past limiting beliefs by tapping into their inner strength, and living their life on purpose with passion.

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