Why Developing A Financial Ritual Is A Good Idea

Do you have a favorite self-care ritual? How about a holiday tradition that brings you and your family closer? Most of us do things on a consistent basis that bring joy, but what about with your financials?

Have you ever considered a financial ritual that helped you notice, track, and prepare your financial world better? It’s time we add financial awareness to the self-care conversation. Consider developing a financial ritual to bring everyone in the household into the conversation around goals, responsibilities, and money matters.

Years ago I didn’t realize how much is required to make a household run when it comes to the numbers. Our family was quite chaotic and there was no safe place for people to ask questions. A lot has changed for me since then and I’ve learned about the darker side of the financial world when people don’t have awareness. Basically, when we have our heads in the sand, we become easy targets. The official term for it is financial abuse. I want to help you never experience it.

You may think the people in your home are trustworthy and honest, and they may be. The majority of our world is kind and generous.

When our living environment changes or new people are added to the picture; everything shifts. Whether you are caregiving for someone, having new renters, or simply growing your family and sharing space with in-laws; it’s good to know the patterns in your finances and to be able to identify when trouble may emerge.

Why is developing a financial ritual a good idea?

  1. Being unaware of financial concerns leaves you open to be a target of scams or financial abuse
  2. You can catch errors quickly.
  3. You can sleep peacefully at night with full awareness.

For me to pay attention to my business finances each month, it was essential that I made it fun. It is a priority for me and if it’s not enjoyable, I likely won’t do it. I created a financial mindfulness practice around doodling the data and even wrote a book about it. It’s an incredible joy and that’s why I want to share this idea with you!

I encourage you to look at your own financial picture with eyes of appreciation and awareness each month. Develop a time and place where you focus on the financial matters and if you have to, get creative and bring friends into the conversation.

Do you have a best practice you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

Marcelle Allen

Marcelle Allen

Financial Joy Author


Marcelle Allen



Marcelle Allen is the author of Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams and has created several workshops designed to help women understand and enjoy financial matters in business and beyond. She’s a social media manager and data artist and knows that when women are safe and comfortable, amazing insight can emerge with an authentic conversation.


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