Why Lagree Pilates is a Fitness Game Changer

Lagree is a new form of Pilates developed by Sebastian Lagree and sweeping the country. Practiced by Michelle Obama, the Kardashians and Sofia Varga it is a low impact workout that is actually super challenging. The classes are short, but the workout is hard. People who practice are quickly addicted to the quick results and health benefits. So, why should you try Lagree?

It is Hard. Every Single Time
There is no way to get bored with this workout, it is challenging for every fitness level and every session is HARD. The classes are only 45-50 minutes and from the outside looking in they do not look like much of anything. You are on oversized Pilates reformers performing a series of moves that are SLOW and deliberate. The benefit comes from the slow pace and the fact you are not only working large muscle groups but the tiny muscles that are often left out. When you are in a class and your body is shaking that is a sign you are doing it right. Just be prepared for some soreness your first few visits, but the results also can be seen rather quickly.

It Challenges You Emotionally
Since every session is hard, it not only challenges you physically but it challenges you mentally and emotionally. When you are in a hard pose and your brain is telling you to stop but you push through the emotional reward is huge. Although the classes are only 45-50 minutes long you feel like you have conquered something when you finish and the sense of pride and accomplishment is a boost to your body and mind.

Community Builder
Lagree studios tend to be small and classes are usually only 8-12 people. You really feel like you are in it together and there is no judgment on fitness level or ability. Your only competition is yourself and your personal best. Before and after class is a great time to get to know your classmates and congratulate each other on taking on this challenging workout. Most people who take these classes say they feel a strong sense of community to their Lagree peers because they understand how challenging Lagree is and how impactful it is on the practitioner’s life.

Lagree can look intimidating to those not familiar with Pilates or even small group fitness classes, but it is worth a try. If you are someone who likes to be challenged every time, build community and see results Lagree should be on your list for the new year.

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