Why Women Need Other Women

As little girls making having friends was fun and it was not terribly difficult to find a playmate. As we got older the relationships grew and became more complicated but important to our adolescence and early adulthood. For many women, once we had children it became harder to maintain female relationships as our attention was focused on our families and all that entails. Many women reach an age where they find themselves craving female friendships and the community that offers. So, why are female friendships so important? Why do women need other women?

Support System for Major Life Events

 Children leaving home, aging parents, divorce, new relationships, new jobs and new adventure are all happening in our lives. Major events are around every corner. Some are exciting, some are sad and some are earth-shattering. The reality is that without friends and community the sweet moments are not as sweet and the hard moments are much harder. Our friends offer support, guidance, a shoulder to cry on and a soft place to land. A tribe of female friends knows how to care for one another and makes the journey through these big changes happier and easier.

They Give Different Support than Male Friendships

Women are more open with their feelings than men and as a result when we are going through a rough patch we need to share our feelings. Other women can relate more easily and are open to discussion. So, where men like to fix problems (in general). Women tend to commiserate and listen without the goal of solving. This type of support can be key to what you need in that moment. So, while your husband, boyfriend, brother or other male might be happy to chat, sometimes a female perspective is what we need most.

Female Friendships Make us Stronger

Do you notice that when you are around people a lot you take on some of their traits? Maybe it is a phrase they use a lot or a mannerism or even an opinion. Well, being around strong women makes you a stronger woman. As women we should celebrate accomplishments and lift each other up, look for those women to be in a community with. They will uplift you, challenge you and make you a better person.

If you are in a place where you feel the need for closer connection with female friends, start today! Pick up the phone, send an email, invite someone for coffee. We are all looking for our community and all it takes are small steps to build toward great life-long friendships. Be open, be present and look for opportunity to build your community of female friends.

Why Women Need Other Women

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