Why You Should Own Your Personal Domain Name

Here Are Several Benefits Of Having A Domain Name

Most business owners understand the importance of owning the domain name (URL) for their business, but many don’t think about having a personal domain name.

Why do you need to purchase a domain name?

While a personal domain name is not critical for a business, there are many benefits to owning the domain for your personal name. Here are several benefits: 

  • One of the significant benefits of having a domain name is that it helps to develop credibility and maintain brand ownership.
  • Owning your name has an impact on how you show up in a Google or other search engine search.
  • The benefits of having a domain name can be best understood by realizing the loss when you don’t have it. If you don’t buy the domain for your personal name, someone else likely will – wouldn’t you want to be the one to own it? 
  • If someone else owns your name URL, you have no control over what is posted and what others will find when they do a search for your name.
  • When someone else owns the domain for your personal name and you decide down the road you want to purchase it, they have the right to sell it to you at a high price. 
  • Owning your own personal domain allows you to create a webpage to showcase you, your achievements and all your businesses (if you own more than one) all in one place and can be useful for someone looking to find your credentials and credibility. 
  • Another benefit of having a domain name is that it helps you to reach your target audience without being lost in the ever-expanding online spectrum.
  • Having a separate website to showcase yourself allows prospective clients to connect with you on a personal level, thus developing your trust and rapport with them.
  • If you choose not to have a separate website for your personal name, you can set up the URL link for your personal name to be re-directed to your business website when someone searches for you by your personal name. It’s certain there will be times when prospective clients will search you by name rather than your business name. 
  • Owning your personal domain name, in addition to your business domain, will give your prospective customers multiple avenues for finding you. 

There are many benefits to both you and your business by owning the domain for your personal name. If you don’t already own your personal domain name, now is a great time to get it.  It’s easy to purchase. Just go to a domain registrar, such as www.godaddy.com, and check if your name is available. If it is – purchase it right away. If it has already been purchased by someone else, you can get a little creative in finding a way to own your name domain by adding a differentiator, such as a middle name or initial. The longer you wait…the more difficult it will be to get and you will be losing out on the benefits of owning it.

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 Catherine M. White

Catherine M. White

Catherine M. White
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Catherine M. White

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