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Life Is For You

Have you had a today-is-the-first-day-of-the-rest-of your-life experience? Of course, we have all had many such events. These moments provided soul strength or taught you something new or may have seemed to weaken you. We all view Life differently. Our genetics, experiences, and reactions affect whether we feel Life is for us or against us. My passion is to let the whole world know that Life is for You.

From A Loving Church to a Church Job

I grew up in North Dakota. My divorced Mom was bipolar and alcoholic. She did the best she could, as we all do. We went to church off and on, for holidays mostly. We went to one church where the people were particularly loving. When I moved to Washington to live with my Dad, we attended church regularly. My twin sister and I led the Youth Group. I taught kids Sunday School. I attended Seattle Pacific University and majored in Christian Education and Biblical Studies. I married Kevin, and we had three children. I stayed home for eight years. Then I worked for a local church for 14 years, and halfway through I became Ordained.

A Wisp of Light and Purity to Finding My Soul

For years a sense of Light and Purity would wisp past my consciousness. I wondered if this was part of me or something out there. I stayed home from church one day to listen to a book suggested by a good friend of mine. On October 31, 2013, I found my SOUL. In an instant, I understood I had always been connected to God and would always be connected to God. I discovered, within my Body, my Soul connection to Universal Divine Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom. Nothing I had done or not done would ever change this Soul connection within me. For the first time in my Life, I knew I was ‘okay.’

Have You Ever Imagined Your Soul and your Soul Strength?

I realized I had let religion question my spirituality. Your Soul can become obscured by your experiences. We spend much of our Life trying to become who we are not. Your Soul is Who You Are! Your Soul is a place to Rest when your outside world is disappointing, overwhelming, and stressful. Being aware of your Soul reveals your constant 24/7 connection to Divine Source of Light and Love. As you grow in this awareness, you can sense your Inner Courage, Freedom, and Peace. You become your own Hero! You can live sure of the Abundance which is in you and flows toward you.

Soul Words

Here are some words to describe your Soul. Daily choose and meditate on a word which is most True for you:

Aliveness; Authentic Self; Awareness; Being; Consciousness; Courage; Co-Creator; Divinity; Energy; Enlightenment; Essence; Eternity; Freedom’; Genius; God-in-me; Greatness; Grounded; Happiness, Harmony; Hero; Higher Power; Highest Self; Home; I Am; Identity; Immovable; Incorruptible; Indestructible; Inmost Being; Inner Guidance; Inner Healer; Joy; Life; Light; Love; One; Peace; The Pearl; Presence; Pure; Rest; Source; Strength; Suffering; Superconscious; The Way; Transformation; True Purpose; Truth; Who You Are; Wholeness…

Your Pure and Suffering Soul

In ancient Indian Sanskrit, there are two concepts of Soul. One is the pure part of your Soul called ‘Atman,’ and the other is the part of your Soul who suffers with you called ‘Jiva.’ Your Soul is complete, perfect, and whole – a place to be at Home. Your Soul helps you accept What Is and brings Love and Transformation to all of Life. You never need to feel alone or lost.

Let Dani Be Your Guide

Are you ready to activate your Soul Power, live your Infinite Greatness, and become your own Hero? Imagine how different everything would be if you could transform your Life to Live in place of Freedom and Peace. Let me be Your Guide. Embark on The Soul Power Experience.

Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!

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 Dani Green

Dani Green

Dani Green
The Soul Power Experience Creator |


Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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